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PeopleSoft Billing Software

PeopleSoft sends data out in XML format.
To accomodate merchants who use this software and would like to integrate their software with us we have added the following.

XML Docs

What can we do with this integration?

  • See if a customerID is in the Vault (SearchVault)
  • Verify information of a customer in the vault (ShowVaultDetails)
  • Add customer to Vault (CustomerAdd)
  • Update customer's information in Vault (CustomerUpdate)
  • Submit Vault Payment Request (CreateTransaction)
  • Submit a Single Transaction to process — Live response of Transaction Response (ProcessSingleTransaction)
  • Search Transaction (SearchTransactions)
  • Show Transaction Details (ShowTransactionDetails)

If you would like detailed information on how to set up your PeopleSoft system please contact us.

This documentation was compiled by one of our PeopleSoft clients.