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Quantum Services LLC is committed to the needs of resellers. Our current business model is one of site licensing to established & registered independent bankcard sales offices worldwide.

Unlike typical payment gateway reseller programs, our unique business model affords our resellers the benefits of extensive customization, complete private label branding, a rapid time-to-market and long term cost savings vs. conventional reseller models.

If you are a registered ISO/MSP/Member Bank and wish to inquire about our licensing programs, or if you wish to integrate QuantumGateway into your software and become an official partner, please contact us .


If you are unable to click on the link above please email partners@quantumgateway.com with the following information and the subject Partner Request

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Brief description of your company:
What you are intersted in as a Partner:
Example: integrate QuantumGateway into my software or payment system, license QuantumGateway and become a reseller for our services or other(and explaining)