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What is the difference between the 3 developer areas?

Web Order Form is a simple way to incorporate purchase options right on to your website. There is no shopping cart attached to this, just a checkout/payment page. GWdatabase Engine is mostly meant for shopping systems where you take their order and then they are shown a checkout/payment page once it submits to our gateway. With this option you are able to either collect all personal and payment information and pass it to the gateway or just the personal information and have them enter in the payment information once they reach the process page. If you are collecting payment information, please be sure to have an SSL. Transparent QGWdatabase Engine is mostly used for shopping cart systems where all information is collected and then submitted to the gateway without it looking like the customer ever leaves your website. With this method you must submit all payment and personal information to the gateway. This method as well requires the most website/programming experience.

How do I sign up for a Test account?

We are happy to give trial test accounts so that you may see if we are compatible with your current software. Simply click on the Test Account Signup link on the developers page and we will get everything set up for you.

How long does a Test account last?

Normally the test account is only good for 30 days. If you need longer we will be happy to extend it.

Does recurring billing cost extra?

No. Our Recurring billing is free with every account.

What is MaxMind?

MaxMind is a fraud control system. MaxMind takes information like IPaddress, address, zipcode and puts a score to it. If the score is above the limit you set, then the transaction will not be processed.

Can I make my customers enter they payment information at the gateway but make it appear as they never left my site?

No. Having a customer enter information at the gateway means they will be using either the Web Order or QGWdatabase Engine. These options are interactive and do not allow usage of them in frames.

If you want your customer to not leave your site you must use a transparent API such as Transparent QGWdatabase Engine

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