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Amember currently is only integrated using the Transparent Database Engine.
This method will not allow the use of Verified by Visa and SecureMastercard or DialVerify.

  1. In your Admin area of Amember go to Setup/Configuration and then click on Plugins
    Put a Check in the authorize_aim option and save.
  2. Now click on the Authorize.Net AIM link at the top.
    For Authorize.Net login please insert your Quantum Gateway LoginID
    For Transaction Key please enter in your Restrict Key from the Processing Settings area (this is required)
    For Payment system title please enter Quantum Payment Gateway
    For Payment system description you may leave it at Credit card payment.
    Click on the Save Button.
  3. Next you need to edit the authorize_aim.inc.php file in your plugins/payment folder.
    Change this line
  4. Save the file and upload it to your website.

You are now ready to start accepting credit cards.


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