Definitions & Help

CVV2 - The CVV2 is a 3- or 4-digit value printed on the card or signature strip, but not encoded on the magnetic stripe.
The number is generated when the card is issued, by hashing the card number and expiration date under a key known only to the issuing bank. Supplying this code in a transaction is intended to verify that the customer has the card in their possession. Knowledge of the code proves that the customer has seen the card, or has seen a record made by somebody who saw the card. To date, no cracks for this system are known.

CVV Type - How CVV is used. 1,2 and 9.

AddToVault - This feature will add the customer to the vault after a successfull payment/transaction. NOTE: A Customer ID is required.

Gateway Login - Quantum Payment Gateway Login

Payment Type - This is the form of payment. CC or EFT

Restrict Key - Quantum Payment Gateway restriction key used to prevent un-authorized web pages from processing. This key can be set and changed in the Processing Settings

Secure MasterCard - 3d Secure for Mastercard

Transaction Type - This is the type of transaction.

Verified By Visa - 3d secure for Visa