QuantumGateway: The Evolution of Payment Processing

Quantum Gateway XML Processing

XML Post Fields

<gwLogin>your gwid</gwLogin> <-- Required -->
<RestrictKey>the RestrictKey</RestrictKey> <-- Required -->
<ResponseType>PostBack</ResponseType> <-- PostBack Or Response -->
<post_back_url>your url</post_back_url> <-- if ResponseType is PostBack -->
<-- Required Fields -->
<trans_method>CC</trans_method> <-- CC or EFT -->
<ccnum>5454545454545454</ccnum> <-- Required for CC -->
<ccmo>12</ccmo> <-- Required for CC -->
<ccyr>2010</ccyr> <-- Required for CC -->
<aba>123456789</aba> <-- Required for EFT -->
<checkacct>12398745821</checkacct> <-- Required for EFT -->
<BADDR1>1212 15th St NW</BADDR1>
<-- Optional Fields -->
<MAXMIND>1</MAXMIND> <-- 1 use maxmind, 2 skip maxmind -->
<BCITY>North Pole</BCITY>
<-- OR -->
<-- Shipping Information -->
<SADDR1>1212 15th St NW</SADDR1>
<SCITY>North Pole</SCITY>
<invoice_description>Online Widget Order</invoice_description>
<-- Recurring Transaction -->
<initial_amount></initial_amount><-- If empty the amount field above will be used-->

Post URL: https://secure.quantumgateway.com/cgi/xml.php

Example Posting Scripts
Posting Using A Form
Posting Using Curl Form Field
Posting In XML Using Curl

Sample XML Responses

<Response2>INV Card Num </Response2>

PostBack will post back the entire XML response to the provided URL.
Response will just display the entire XML response for your system to read. This is useful for silent posts where you are just wanting the response.
Note: DialVerify, Verified by Visa and SecureMasterCard can not be used with this method.
Note: If no ResponseType is present the system will default to Response.

Data is posted back in form field xml. The customer will be showed a form similar to

<form action ="your_post_back_url" method="Post">
<input name="ID" type="hidden" value="$ID">
<input name="xml" type="hidden" value="$xml_data">
<input type ="SUBMIT" value="Finish Processing Order">